In case ygraphicly digital comicsou missed our Twitter announcement, both The Eternal Sad and Misery Loves Company are available digitally through Graphicly. Future releases of all DAPshow and Gothology comics will also be released digitally. This is a pretty big step for DAPshow so we’re all pretty excited about it. The digital market allows us to release very affordable copies to consumers, and allows them to bypass the high expenses of of buying the comics printed.

We fully endorse digital comics and will focus on them a lot more in the near future. This isn’t the only app/site we will use to distribute comics, Gothology and Dapshow comics will be available in many other formats. This will take a little while, though, so bear with us. In the mean time, we wouldn’t mind you checking out our comics with Graphicly ;).

In all serious, Graphicly is one of the better digital comic applications around. So we suggest using it for digital comics regardless.