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From the Tomb Magazine Review of Misery

June 23, 2010 | Justin

Artwork: 4.5 out of 5
WHOA! I don’t even know where to begin on this one. The artwork is flying off the pages! There was maybe 2 or 3 styles I didn’t care for, but the overall impression is WOW! Just like Book I: The Eternal Sad this volume is just packed full of great artwork. To me some of the one page works are the best. Spicy Donut’s two stand out to me the most. I just want to color them! I think I will. Aside from the great one page pieces, the stories are above and beyond. Not one artist’s style is similar. Every one conveys their piece in the right way. The looks range from Manga, to Realistsic, to Cartoon, to underground Indie. I mean This collection covers it all. I won’t even single my favorites out. I love them all for what they brought to the collection.

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From the Tomb Interview

November 24, 2009 | Justin

Jack and I, the forever dead and editors of your beloved GOTHOLOGY, have been interviewed by From the Tomb Magazine.

DD: So what can you tell me about Gothology?

Jack: Gothology is a comic anthology series we started to help promote artists/writers we felt weren’t being given the opportunities for exposure they needed, and we wanted to make five million dollars.

Justin: It is a series of comic anthologies. The Eternal Sad, which is the first volume, is already out, and the second volume, Misery Loves Company, is currently in production, and should be out in January of 2010 if everything goes well.

DD: What’s it all about?

Jack: Gothology is, shockingly enough, themed around Gothic subculture, which translates to basically everything and anything dark. I’m not a goth and never have been, though some people might disagree with me on that. Which is sort of what makes it interesting. Goth is a lot like punk but more subtle. You’re not if you say you are, and nobody knows what it actually means. Everybody calls everybody posers but they won’t call themselves goths outright. It’s interesting. Goth is a huge subculture, there’s those Siouxsie and Cure fans with bigass hair, metal fans with too much makeup, teen witches, masquerade vampires, horror movie addicts, deathrockers, gravers, mansonites, mallgoths, corp goths, steam punks, etc. etc. Basically if you wear more black than colour and like dark shit, someone somewhere thinks you’re a goth, and someone else thinks you’re a poser. It’s hysterical. The books are a little tongue in cheek from our end, but we do run a lot of great dramatic/serious material as well. Diff’rent Strokes.

Justin: What Jack said. It sort of jumps all over the place in terms of styles and content, and it has something for everyone. We were very afraid all the artists would either take it way too seriously, or just the opposite where it turned into one giant Goth burn-fest. Luckily it has a very nice mix of both, and they all fit together surprisingly well. In The Eternal Sad, for instance, you can find comics about a crow’s unrequited love, a blind and deaf pair of conjoined twins, a haunted doll, a group of cats that are too goth to sit out in the sun, a girl trying to resurrect her beloved cat, and all sorts of other ones – 25 more to be exact. So, as you can see,there is plenty of variety.

DD: Where did this idea of putting this together come from?

Jack: Myself and Justin had wanted to start publishing comics for awhile, and one night we were talking and conversation turned to goths we knew in high school. I didn’t really know anyone that called themselves goths, but a bunch of them totally were. Totally were. The same really went for both of us, as we kept talking we put it together with our want to publish an anthology, and Gothology was the result. Honestly it started as a joke, but it’s way funnier now that we’ve actually done it.

Justin: Yeah, we both wanted to publish comics. I had actually been trying to put together a publishing company for a little while beforehand, and I found out that a lot of other companies got their start by publishing anthologies. I loved the idea of getting up and coming artists the exposure they deserved, but at the same time thought it would be way to difficult to put one together. Eventually, I sucked it up, and decided the good would out weigh any difficulty, and started putting together a food themed anthology. A while after that, Jack and I came up with the idea for a Goth themed anthology from what was just a random conversation about the goths that were to the recent revival. We both thought this would be a brilliant time to release a Gothic themed anthology, and it took over as the anthology DAPshow Press would release. Luckily, none of the artists really got past concepting stages, and gladly switched to the new project.

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From the Tomb Reviews The Eternal Sad

August 16, 2009 | Justin

Artwork: 4.0 out of 5
With so many different styles in this book how can you not find one or two you like. Luckily I am a fan of everyone who takes the time to share what they can do. This collection has so many talented artists. Nothing is jumbled and hard to understand. No one style is like another either. My favorite ones are Ashley Witter, Valia Kapadai, Megan Lawton, Phillip Chanter and Christine Larson.

To rest the rest, CLICK HERE.

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