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Comics for Theatre of Tragedy – due Today!

April 20, 2011 | Justin

The days have died off one by one, in what seems like no time at all, and the due date for Theatre of Tragedy is now upon us. So, make those finishing touches and send in your comics in today before midnight – send them to

Be sure to send in everything that is required. If you happen to have forgotten what the requirements are, check the Theatre of Tragedy website.

Also, if you are almost done, but just won’t be able to finish today, drop us an email and let us know about it. We could possibly give you some more time based on how much you have left or how well we know you. If we’ve already told you that you could have extra time, don’t worry about this.

We’ll be spending the next week going through the submissions, and will try to reply to everyone letting them know we received their work.

And, always remember, fangs out!

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One Day Until Tragedy

April 19, 2011 | Justin

If you have been following this blog or one of our networks, you know that comics for Theatre of Tragedy are due tomorrow (April 20th)!

If you haven’t been.. well, it is probably too late. And, I hate you… and wish you eternal damnation.

So, without much more to add to this, get those comics in, guys! The sooner you turn them in the better.

On a side note, one we have been emphasizing the past couple of weeks, contact us if you need an extension. We will be granting them, especially if we need more pages. We really don’t want to have to install a second deadline or anything like that.

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6 Days Until Mourning Begins

April 14, 2011 | Justin

Once again, I come with a reminder. The same one we have been beating recently. The due date for Gothology: Theatre of Tragedy is closing in.

There is 6 more days until until comics are due.

If the deadline comes, and you still feel you need a little extra time, let us know!

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11 Days to get Those Comics in for Gothology!

April 9, 2011 | Justin

That’s right, 11 days remain until we can finally make our pain go away. And, the greatest tragedies to date will be collected and joined together — making a tragedy the masses will never forget.

We are entering “the rush” period, and things may get a little chaotic. There is still time to do things (don’t really rush your comics). If you need some extra time, shoot us an email at the deadline, and request some. We will grant some. And, this book is going to take a little longer to get out than previous books, so we won’t mind giving out extensions as much.

Also, I’m going to try and post daily reminders now about the deadline time. Don’t get too annoyed!

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32 Days until Tragedy Hits

March 19, 2011 | Justin

That’s right, there is only 32 days of drawing time left before Theatre of Tragedy comics are due. So, a month pretty much. Boy, time flies when you are miserable. If you are behind on your entry, or haven’t started yet (slits wrists), do not fret. There is plenty of time to still work on and finish a quality product. Time should not be an issue at all.

On another note, we have a lot of people we need to reply to. The Gothology inbox is a bit flooded. We ARE going to get around to everyone.

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