Gothic Easter

April 24, 2011 | Justin

I hope you all are having a morbidly splendid Easter Sunday. It is one of the gothest holidays there is, so enjoy the misery while you can. Zombie Jesus commands it.

And, yes, goths do celebrate Easter. Thank you, Mika: the Perky Retro Goth, for showing us the way. So, get your water bottles, and have a not terrible time.

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9 Days Remain Until Tragedy Strikes

April 24, 2011 | Justin

Children of the night, the deadline of our beloved Gothology continues to draw near.

Currently there are only 9 days remaining! Things are getting a little tight now, but once again, I urge everyone not to rush through your entries to try and finish them on time.

If the deadline comes, and you still feel you need a little extra time, let us know!

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Metal Club with an Absolutely Riveting Performance

April 21, 2011 | Justin

You know you are bad when you can’t entertain children… they don’t have any tastes. I think the most amazing part of this is that there is an elementary school with a Metal Club. We might be getting too progressive.

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Comics for Theatre of Tragedy – due Today!

April 20, 2011 | Justin

The days have died off one by one, in what seems like no time at all, and the due date for Theatre of Tragedy is now upon us. So, make those finishing touches and send in your comics in today before midnight – send them to

Be sure to send in everything that is required. If you happen to have forgotten what the requirements are, check the Theatre of Tragedy website.

Also, if you are almost done, but just won’t be able to finish today, drop us an email and let us know about it. We could possibly give you some more time based on how much you have left or how well we know you. If we’ve already told you that you could have extra time, don’t worry about this.

We’ll be spending the next week going through the submissions, and will try to reply to everyone letting them know we received their work.

And, always remember, fangs out!

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One Day Until Tragedy

April 19, 2011 | Justin

If you have been following this blog or one of our networks, you know that comics for Theatre of Tragedy are due tomorrow (April 20th)!

If you haven’t been.. well, it is probably too late. And, I hate you… and wish you eternal damnation.

So, without much more to add to this, get those comics in, guys! The sooner you turn them in the better.

On a side note, one we have been emphasizing the past couple of weeks, contact us if you need an extension. We will be granting them, especially if we need more pages. We really don’t want to have to install a second deadline or anything like that.

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