Q: What is a goth?

A: A goth is someone that is totally deep, is a non-conformist, and likes Depeche Mode. All kidding aside, you can find a better answer here.


A: GOTHOLOGY is a non-profit comic anthology whose main goal is promoting great up-and-coming artists from around the world. It celebrates what it is to be goth, pokes a little fun, and explores its beautiful subcultures.

Q: How many pages? Is there a limit?

A: Comic submissions have a loose minimum of 3 pages and a max of 24ish pages.  We will consider publishing comics that are shorter or longer than this, but not in all cases.  If you would like to make a comic that is perhaps too long to include in the anthologies, we may still want to publish it as its own book.

Q: Where do you sell issues of Gothology Comics at?

A: We sell the books online at DAPshow, and at cons. They will also be distributed to various comic shops and retailers, both online and physical stores. We will also make books available digitally soon.

Q: How often would new volumes be published? Would the publication be monthly or bi-monthly for example?

A: We are publishing 1 issue a year of the main series.  We may start publishing a spin-off series as well if the interest is there.

Q: How will contributors know if they are selected for the book?

A: We will usually reply right away and tell contributors if we want to use their comic. For some entries we will wait to see if there is room first before deciding. Once we finish going through the entries — we will send an email out to all contributors who got into the book.

Q: What about contributors who aren’t selected?

A: This hasn’t really happened much, to be honest. We will generally tell the artist some things they can fix – and the ones who do have been placed in the book. If we end up not using something, we try to contact contributors to tell them why, whether it be holding it for a future book, but haven’t been able to in all cases.

Q: Are the artists/writers going to get a percentage of the sales? If so, how much?

A: Much like other anthologies, artists and writers unfortunately are not getting money from this. All the profits made from the book will be recycled back into the book (advertising, printing, cons, etc).  This series has come from our pockets so far, and hasn’t made us any money so far (it’s all for love). Like mentioned earlier, there isn’t any profit for artists to see.

Q: Will artists get a free copy of the book?

A: As of right now (10-28-10), we unfortunately can not give free printed copies of current and future books.  However, contributors will,  at the very least, be able to get copies for the cost of print (which will be up to 10 dollars). Also, if they want one, artists can get a free digital copy of the books they are in.

Q: How do you plan on advertising these anthologies?

A: We advertise through Google Adwords, Facebook, Project Wonderful, and Gothic Beauty for now. We are also going to send books to various review sites/magazines.

Q: Will you be able to get Gothology sold at major bookstores, such as Barnes and Nobles or Borders?

A: With B&N (and I would think Borders too, but we haven’t looked into them yet) you have to go through a process that we can not do at the moment with the first 2 volumes.

Q: Does the book have a rating? What’s allowed?

A: Yes.  DAPshow Press has rated the series T+, which is geared towards older teens and adults.  As far as what’s allowed, if it isn’t hardcore porno, it is most likely OK.

Q: Does my comic have to have anything in particular in it?

A: As long as it is related to the theme in some way. It’s OK.

Q: Are Zombies/Vampires/Bats/Werewolves/etc Goth?

A: Yes, very much so. They might not be in the traditional sense, but they have become a part of Gothic culture.

Q: Are you looking for a certain amount of artists? What if you get too many pages?

A: No. We want to collect as many pages as possible. So don’t get discouraged if you think we have too many. We’ll hold entries for the next book if we need to.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and ask.