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Cult Grrlfriend

March 14, 2011 | Justin

From the depths comes this depressing short film set to Cyclical Silver Sick Sunshine’s upcoming EP Cult Grrlfriend, and featuring the films of David Firth.

It’s a musical treat, and our very own Count Jackula plays bass on a couple of the tracks. Give it a listen!

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Goolies That are Groovie

January 19, 2011 | Justin

Does anyone remember Groovie Goolies?  I don’t because I wasn’t alive then, and I am a little sad that I’ve missed out on all this monster goodness.

Luckily, Crackle is releasing the series as minisodes, so now I can somewhat get acquainted with it.  And, I’ve gotta say, it the perfect thing to have on while I draw my comic for Theatre of Tragedy.  I’d recommend everyone checks this out.  It is fun if you can get over how dated it is.

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Teen Werewolves – Keeping it Real

January 3, 2011 | Justin

This video has been floating around a while, and I am surprised it hasn’t been posted here yet.

This is some goth shit right here. And it’s pretty hilarious. I particularly enjoy the part where they rag on posers for only doing it for the attention, while they are drawing a lot of attention to themselves on a newscast. We were all once like that too, I suppose. Seems like there are a lot more of these baby goths due to Twlight, though.

So, maybe the cause/effect displayed in this video should be added to the list of reasons reasons why Twilight sucks. Though, it’s hard for us to hate on Twilight.  Afterall, Gothology is where it is today because of Twilight, and we can appreciate that.

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Have a very Gothic New Years.

January 1, 2011 | Justin

While we are heading towards dark times, and a tragedy awaits us still, there is another treacherous moment coming up – New Years.

This is the time to remember all that has happened this past year, feel terrible, and then in vain we hope things will get better the next (we all know this won’t happen). 2010 has, once again, been a miserable year — just like all of the other years.  We saw the release of Misery Loves Company in 2010, and then we fell into a depressed stupor – not knowing what to do with our future.

And then, we found our inner wretchedness as Theatre of Tragedy was announced, and submissions for that comic anthology will be due in 2011 — the New Year.  Hopefully, we will be ever more miserable this year… for all of us.

So, from the bottom of our damaged, blackened hearts, we wish you a very gothic new years.

And, because we missed out on Christmas, enjoy this video of the Gothic Christmas song.

Keep drawing those Goth comics for Theatre of Tragedy, and keep it sorrowful!

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December 10, 2010 | Justin

A Tragedy Awaits Us

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