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A Look Inside Gothology: Belfry Twins

July 20, 2011 | Justin

A fan favorite of the first two books, The Belfry Twins has been a big part of the Gothology series thus far. It was created by Annalise Addams and Ashley Witter, together are known as Tarts 4 Life.

We are always excited when artists we have shared the experience of making Gothology Comics make a name for themselves, and with Yen Press’ recent announcement that Ashley Witter was drawing their adaptation of the Anne Rice novel Interview With a Vampire, we were pretty floored, and very proud. Publishers Weekly also did an interview with Ashley. Keep an eye out for this comic, we can pretty much guarantee it will look amazing.

And how can we know this already? Well, let us just take a gander into the exciting two issues of The Belfry Twins from the first two Gothology books, The Eternal Sad and Misery Loves Company.

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A Look into Gothology: Cover for Book III

January 24, 2011 | Justin

Regrettably, we now bring you the next inside look into our Gothic comic anthology series, Gothology: Theatre of Tragedy.  In case you missed it, part one in this series explored Kate “Poj” Greenseth‘s Gothology comic, The Artist’s Lament.

This time, we are going to explore something the people have been dying (even more than usual) to see. The cover art for Theatre of Tragedy.  It was illustrated by Mr. Sheldon Vella — and our brother from another and artist for Marvel’s Deadpool. We go a ways back with Sheldon, and have become pretty good friends with him. Hell, we even split a table with Sheldon at Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con a couple of years back.  It was there Jack and I had the master plan (or more like an inside joke) to seduce Sheldon into contributing to Gothology by hitting his jealousy bone, and constantly brag about how awesome James Stokoe is.


Jackula isn't really a vampire!

Chicago Comic-Con: Where THIS Happens.

Turns out, that “master plan” wasn’t needed, as Sheldon was really receptive to the idea of jumping into Gothic comics.  He told us there is always dying to do comics for fun, and would love to do something for our comic anthology series. So, we took him up on it, and BAM, now we have another awesome Gothology cover.  Speaking of which, here is the cover of Theatre of Tragedy — in all of its unholy Gothic glory.

Gothology Book III Theatre of Tragedy

The debut of the very dark Theatre of Tragedy cover… not counting the fact we’ve been using a WIP version as promo art here and a few Gothic sites for a while… or that we posted it on our deviantART account yesterday.

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A Look into Gothology: The Artist’s Lament

January 10, 2011 | Justin

We bregrugingly welcome you to the first in a series of posts that embrace the upcoming tragedy, and look further into the book of wretchedness, Theatre of Tragedy.

For the first feature, we will learn a bit more about a tragic comic called The Artist’s Lament.  It is a sorrowful tale of an artist who falls in love with one of his paintings.  It was created by Kate “Poj” Greenseth, who also made a comic for Gothology in the last volume.

We have uploaded preview of The Artist’s Lament for your reading pleasure.

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A Look Into Gothology: The Bunny Man

January 23, 2010 | Justin

A 12 page preview of The Bunny Man, by Caylee Huckabay.


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A Look Into Gothology: Tabatha

January 20, 2010 | Justin

A 4 page preview of Tabatha, by Kate “Poj” Greenseth.


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