Eternal Sad

Erhm, Children of the Night, you may have noticed that there’s a “special” front page for Gothology Comics. In case you don’t know how to read (in which case, this probably won’t help), we are begrudgingly celebrating the two year anniversary of  Gothology today, and for the next week. We goths know the best way to celebrate… by moping. Really, I am more upset that I have allowed myself to live these last two years — oh, the torture life has brought me.

Erhm, we will also be celebrating by making Gothology: The Eternal Sad available for only 14 dollars in the DAPstore (+shipping) while supplies last. So, if you haven’t already bought one, now would be the perfect time.

Erhm, but that is not all children, both The Eternal Sad and Misery Loves Company will be available digitally soon for only $4.99 each. Now you can sulk on the go without having to lug around such a huge book. More information on this will be made available shortly. Just think of all the extra stakes and crosses will will be able to buy with that leftover money?