Today we bring both good news and bad news. The bad news is we are about 70 pages short of a completed book and a release of Theatre of Tragedy is still a ways off. The good news however is we are placing a second deadline, so if you missed our original deadline, you still have a chance to get your comic/art in. The new deadline will be the 15th of July. You may also recognize that date as sir Ian Curtis’ birthday.

Our prediction of Tragedy coming on 4/20/11 may have been off, but if Harold Camping has taught us anything, it’s that we can just pick another date, and we feel very good about 7/15/11.

A reminder of our submission guidelines:


3+ page comic relating to the theme (must be b/w or grayscale/toned)
1 photo/drawing for artist bio
Contact Info (e-mail, website)/A paragraph or two about yourself for artist bio

Page Sizing:

6.625 x 10.25 inches (168 x 260 mm)
With bleed, 7 x 10.5 (178 x 267 mm)
For safety, text should be inside 6 x 9 inches (152 x 229 mm)
Text that is in the bleed, will most likely get cut off
Pages must be at least 300dpi


We are taking Illustrations, as well. Same size requirements, and should have contact information sent in with them. Inside front and inside back illustrations can be in color. We can only use a few illustrations for each book (though, we will hold ones we like for future books).

You can also view the official Theatre of Tragedy page for some more information.

Email submissions to gothology(at)dapshow(dot)com!

In other news, happy Number of the Beast Day.