The great fellows over at the e-Zine / Small Press Comics site, Midnight Fiction, have sunk their fangs into the neck of our very own Misery Loves Company.  Here is an excerpt of their thoughts on our devious book.

Overall the volume is an enjoyable read. The quality runs from good to great. Many of the artists such as Aluísio C. Santos, Patt Kelley, Christine Larsen, Kate “Poj” Greenseth, Megan “Dekay” Lawton, Christina Boyce, Barbara Wittman, T.J. Kirsch, to mention a few, are turning out professional quality artwork. A few others are still learning how to draw.

Many of the stories in Gothology sink their teeth into the humor vein, but there’s plenty of serious material, and a few truly dark tales as well. The quality of writing in general is good with a few standouts. I particularly liked the comics by T.J. Kirsh and Valia Kapadai.

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